California Association for Safety Education

CASE Membership Categories

Professional: $40.00:

Persons who hold a California teaching credential or a valid California Department of Motor Vehicles license authorizing instruction in safety education programs.


Associate: $40.00

Persons not eligible for Professional membership, but employed by or representing any non-school organization whose activities are directly related to the purpose of CASE.


Student: $20.00

Persons who do not hold a teaching credential in traffic safety but are enrolled in an accredited teacher preparation program.


Retired: $40.00

An active member may become a retired member upon certification of retirement and acceptance by the Board of Directors.


Corporate: $200.00

Large businesses or industrial organizations that wish to support the purposes of the Association.


Institutional: $100.00

School districts or educational institutions with an interest in traffic safety.


Supportive: $50.00

Business or industrial organizations which are local, rather than statewide or nationwide.


To view or print a CASE Membership Application Form in pdf format, click on the link below:

Click here for an application form to join CASE.

Note: To read a pdf file, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


For questions about membership:  E-mail CASE Membership

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