California Association for Safety Education

About CASE


CASE is an independent, non-profit 501(c) professional organization incorporated in the state of California in 1953. Our purpose is to promote traffic safety through quality instruction of beginning drivers in California.

CASE believes that the best opportunity to properly train a majority of the population to be safe drivers is through quality instruction of beginning drivers. It was the expressed purpose of the California Legislature “...that highway accidents can and must be reduced through the education and training of drivers prior to licensing, and that this instruction properly belongs in the high school curriculum...” (Education Code Section 41912).

CASE functions through the administrative Executive Committee. Organization policy is determined by a Board of Directors that meets four times each year.

Professional Conferences

Our statewide traffic safety education conferences offer stimulating and interesting programs with presentations from top educators and experienced professionals.

A Unified Voice for Traffic Safety Education

CASE speaks for traffic safety education in California. The organization provides representation at legislative hearings affecting traffic safety programs and maintains a liaison with the auto clubs, PTA, traffic safety advocacy groups and state and federal governmental agencies.

The official publication of CASE is the CASE Newsletter. It provides members with information on educational developments in traffic safety, activities and events, current legislation, and other information affecting driver education/driver training in California schools.