California Association for Safety Education


An Invitation to Join CASE

The California Association for Safety Education has been California's independent, non-profit organization for traffic safety educators since 1953. From its inception, the purpose of the organization has been the promotion of traffic safety through quality instruction of beginning drivers.

CASE speaks for traffic safety education in California. The organization provides representation at legislative hearings affecting traffic safety programs and maintains a liaison with state and federal governmental agencies

Through the CASE Newsletter, you can keep informed on critical issues, regulations, and pending legislation that can affect your driver education program. The newsletter also provides members with information on educational developments, activities, events, and other timely traffic safety education information with your needs in mind.

What are the Advantages of CASE Membership?

Conferences and workshops that we sponsor or co-sponsor will help you to acquire ideas and information that you might not otherwise be able to obtain. Meet other driver educators from throughout the state to compare programs, teaching techniques, educational viewpoints, and gain from the experience and expertise of others. Each conference or workshop includes presentations by leaders in traffic safety from throughout the country, seminars on effective teaching, and much more! Its one of the best ways to keep abreast of new developments in teaching methods and materials.

CASE is a leader in innovation and reform in driver education and driver training. The California graduated driver’s licensing legislation and curriculum are a result of our coalition-building efforts in partnership with California’s automobile clubs.

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